Xavier Charter School has contracted our food service program to the Twin Falls School District.  We believe that this will provide better service to our students and Xavier families.  If you have any questions regarding the food service program please call the Twin Fall School Nutrition Office at 208-733-0134.

Lunch Prepayments

Cash or checks (make checks out to: Twin Falls School District) may be brought directly to the lunch employees during their normal hours of 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

We also offer a way pay online, check lunch balances, and see your child’s lunch activity through Mealtime Online.

May Breakfast and Lunch Menu

School Meal Prices 2017-2018
Elementary Lunch $2.75 Second Lunches  $3.00
Middle School Lunch $3.00 Second Lunches $3.25
High School Lunch $3.25 Second Lunches $3.50
Reduced Price Lunch $.40
Adult Lunch (Including Tax) $4.45
Extra Milk $.45
Breakfast is free to all students Student Second Breakfast $2.40
Adult Breakfast (Including Tax) $3.20
Monday Lunch Schedule
7th-12th “A” Lunch 11:11 to 11:41
1st Grade 11:30 to 12:10
2nd Grade 11:35 to 12:15
3rd Grade 11:40 to 12:20
4th Grade 11:45 to 12:25
5th Grade 11:50 to 12:30
6th Grade 11:55 to 12:25
7th-12th “B” Lunch 11:59 to 12:29
Tuesday-Friday Lunch Schedule
1st Grade 11:09 to 11:40
2nd Grade 11:12 to 11:40
3rd Grade 11:15 to 11:40
7th-12th “A” Lunch 11:47 to 12:17
4th Grade 12:09 to 12:40
5th Grade 12:12 to 12:40
6th Grade 12:17 to 12:40
7th-12th “B” Lunch 12:43 to 1:13