Frequently Asked Questions

Charter schools in general are created because their founders have a specific vision they would like to see implemented in the educational process. Charter schools exist to provide choice, innovation and excellence.

For Xavier specifically:

We teach a Classical curriculum, which means all subjects are taught to all grades, with a special emphasis on literature.

We are a college focused rather than a vocational or career focused school.

We are a Fine Arts focused school. We offer tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, along with vocal and instrument classes and specialty art classes.

It is highly recommended that interested parents and students check out the school prior to enrollment. Xavier is a ‘school of choice’. Please be sure it is a good choice for you and your children.

There is no tuition cost to attend Xavier Charter School. We are a public school.

Yes, we established a dress code for Xavier Charter School so as to model, and instruct students on how to appropriately dress for a business profession. School is our students “job”, and personal appearance does influence behavior and performance. The full dress code can be found under policy #3260 here.

Yes, we have a hot lunch program.
In general, if you live within the Twin Falls School District and are farther than 1 ½ miles from the school, busing will be provided. Mid-Columbia Bus Company creates the bus routes just prior to the beginning of the school year after they have received all confirmed student addresses. Mid-Columbia bus service uses stop points for pick up and drop off. It does not provide door to door service.
A high school diploma from Xavier Charter School is exactly the same as a diploma from any other public high school. There is no difference whatsoever. Xavier Charter School has the same accreditation as other public high schools.