Xavier Charter School (Xavier) is a public, tuition-free school like other traditional public schools. However, other traditional public schools have legal authority to levy taxes to finance their facility expansions, but Xavier and other public charter schools do not have tax levy authority under current state laws. Consequently, Xavier’s ability to expand beyond our current capacity of 700 students is completely limited, leaving more than 400 children on the waiting list year after year. Your donation (minimum of $25) will help Xavier to build a reserve fund for future growth that includes facility expansion and other capital projects. Your donation to Xavier is tax deductible so keep the receipt for your record.

There are several ways to make a direct or indirect donation to Xavier:

  1. Donate online Remember to print a receipt for your record before you exit.
  2. Mail a check to: Xavier Charter School, 1218 N College Road W, Twin Falls, ID 83301. We will promptly mail you a receipt.
  3. Volunteer your service through the Walmart Foundation’s Volunteerism Always Pays program (VAP). Be sure to designate Xavier Charter School to be the charity of your choice.
  4. Make online purchases using AmazonSmile ( Be sure to designate Xavier Charter School to be the charity of your choice before you make your first purchase at
  5. When shopping or dinning at the following businesses, link your purchase to Xavier Charter School:
  • Fred Meyer
  • Red Robin
  • Smith’s
  • Target

A direct donation to Xavier can result in tax savings in both Federal and State income tax. The numbers below illustrate possible tax savings for a joint return of $40,000 taxable income using itemized deductions and tax rates of 15% for Federal and 7.4% for State.

Your Net Cost: $136
$76 Federal Tax Savings
$38 State Tax Savings
$250 Idaho Tax Credit*

* Idaho State Educational Tax Credit allows for a credit of up to 50% of your donation. Tax credit is limited to $500 for tax payers filing single and up to $1,000 for couples married filling joint return. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.