Elementary Online Learning Status

Dear Xavier Elementary Families,

This is a reminder that the deadline to sign-up for the elementary online schooling option is this Friday, August 14th by 3:00 PM.

Since the last email we have more information regarding our work with IDLA in providing an online option to families with students in grades K-6. 

At this time we have had 27 students request online learning in our elementary grades.  IDLA has been overwhelmed by the number of requests from schools throughout the state.  As a result we have been allotted 12 positions that will start at the same time as our school year.  In response to the demand IDLA has hired additional elementary teachers and is training them now.  They will start a second session for elementary students in mid-September.

After our elementary deadline of August 14th we will take all of our students requesting online spots and place them in a lottery for the 12 spots that are available to us.  Students not selected for the initial session will be drawn and placed on a waiting list for the second session and any positions that we may be allotted there.  

As we get more information we will communicate it to our families.