About Us

Our Students

  • Are serious about their education.
  • Work diligently on meaningful assignments.
  • Are in class to learn.
  • Enjoy spirited discussions and debate.
  • Are articulate, thoughtful and hard-working.
  • Are college bound.

Our Teachers

  • Are intelligent and energetic, and care about their students.
  • Have strong academic backgrounds.
  • Undergo training in Core Knowledge, Singapore Math, Great Expectations and other Xavier-specific professional development needs.
  • Are committed to their own learning as well as the instruction of children.
  • Xavier believes that the smartest and best-educated people make the best teachers.

Our Curriculum

  • Teaches students how to think.
  • Is based on the concept that real learning comes from total engagement.
  • Teaches students to use language, logic and evidence to support and share their views.
  • Requires the study of Latin and Greek roots to build English vocabulary.
  • Requires the study of grammar for the purpose of building writing skills.
  • Uses original sources in history instead of only a textbook. Students learn to become historians.
  • Explores complete works of great literature rather than selections.
  • Teaches the concepts behind mathematical and scientific problems in addition to the procedures and formulas.