9th Grade Summer Homework

All students are asked to participate in our Pay It Forward project

9th Grade Summer Reading Assignment

Read:  Lewis and Clark:  The Journey of Corps of Discovery by Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns
Write:  Three paragraph summary essay – Due on the first day of school.
Due:  The first day of school in history class.

9th Grade Summer Math Homework

All students enrolled in the following classes have math homework during the summer:

The assignment is a review of concepts that are needed for the class, but because they have been taught in earlier classes, the ideas will not be retaught again.  We have many standards that must be covered during the school year and will not use the first month of school reviewing things that the students have already been taught.

Students may use any tools available to them to complete the summer homework. 

The assignment will be collected at the end of the first week of school.  It will not be accepted late.  It will count as the first quiz score for the semester. 

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