11th Grade Summer Homework

All students are asked to participate in our Pay It Forward project.

American Literature:

Read Bleak House by Charles Dickens

Complete at least one quality annotation for every three chapters in Bleak House (20-25 total).


All incoming new students should also read How to Read Lit Like a Professor.

XCS Summer Reading Assignment:
How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines
by Thomas C. Foster

Directions: Please read the assignment thoroughly.  This is meant to help you navigate the literature we read in the Rhetoric school more efficiently and effectively.

Read the book and take notes on the key concepts as you read.  After you finish a chapter please use 3×5 note cards and on one side outline all the key concepts. Discussed in that chapter.  On the backside, please add one example of your own, if you can think of one.  These will be used throughout the year.

Your note cards will be graded in the first days of school.

11th Grade Math Practice
Choose the appropriate class you will be entering.

11th Grade Advanced Placement United States History

Class supplies: AP students in my class are not required to bring a binder next year. Instead I ask that you bring a few hundred note-cards and some sort of container for them.

Suggested Length: 2-3 Pages MLA format
Suggested time to complete: 2-3 hours

Research and write an awesome essay comparing and contrasting Plymouth/Massachusetts Bay and Jamestown colonies prior to the year 1754. You must cover the following questions:

What motivated the settlement of both colonies? Why did the citizens come to America?
When were they settled?
Where were they located, and why did their locations matter?
What was the role of religion in each colony?
What were the economic drivers?
How were the lives of the people similar or different?
How did they interact with Native Americans?
How was each colony governed? (Spoilers: Mayflower Compact)

Suggested Length: 2-3 Pages MLA format.
Suggested time to complete: 2-3 hours

Research and write a second, even more awesome, essay examining the relationship between the British colonies in North America and England prior the year 1763 during the era known as Salutary Neglect. You must cover the following topics:

  • Salutary Neglect
  • Mercantilism
  • Military
  • Taxes
  • Triangular Trade
  • Columbian Exchange

There will be a (open essay) test on these topics during the second week of the school year! Buying a 5 steps of a 5 APUSH book is advised as it will help on the essays, and in the class. If you are buying a used book please buy one that is no older than 2015!

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