Classical Education

What is classical education?  Its purpose is to train young people to think well and to aspire to live virtuous lives. Classical education began in Greece and was continued in Rome. It was refined during the Renaissance, and was alive and well when our Founding Fathers went to school. Classical education all but died out over the course of the twentieth century as progressive educators dumbed down curricula and replaced time-tested methods with fads such as “whole language” and “new math.” In the twenty-first century, classical education is making a huge comeback, as seen in the growth of Latin programs all around the country.

According to Dr. Terrance Moore, classical education:

  • Values knowledge for its own sake.
  • Upholds the standards of correctness, logic, beauty, and importance intrinsic to the liberal arts.
  • Demands moral virtue of its adherents.
  • Prepares human beings to assume their places as responsible citizens in the political order.

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