Application for Open Board Seats

Dear Stakeholders,

Xavier Charter School Board Seat #2 and #5 will be open for election May 2020. Seat #2 is a 2-year commitment, and Seat #5 is a one-year commitment. Seat #4 will also be open at this time but is a 3-year commitment that will be appointed by the Board. We invite anyone interested in serving in the capacity of an elected Board Director to apply. 

For more information about what serving on the Board includes, please see the link below, Serving on the Board of Directors.  The Board Chair will also be available to provide this information 30 minutes before the monthly scheduled Board Meetings through May.  All applicants should be familiar with the qualifications and attempt to meet them as closely as possible, as outlined in Policy 1220. 

The Board of Director applications will be accepted from February 15, 2020 through March 31, 2020. Elections will be held in May 2020, and the positions will be filled in June 2020. Any questions and all completed applications should be directed to the Board Chair, Debbi Burr at Please see the links below, Board Application and Policy 1220.