Proposed Dress Code Policy for the 2019-2020 School Year

Over the course of this year, parents, staff and students have voiced their opinions concerning the dress code policy.  The administration listened to their ideas and moved forward to propose changes to the current dress code policy for the entire school.  A committee consisting of staff proposed their changes. Another committee of parents provided their input. The initial drafts were reviewed and changed many times over a four-week period.  At the end of this process, a proposed dress code was written that achieves the following goals:

  1. Ensures the dress code policy reflects the Xavier culture of a virtuous learning environment.
  2. Ensures the dress code policy is not a distraction to learning.
  3. Ensures the dress code policy is easy to interpret and enforce.
  4. Ensures the dress code policy meets the minimum business casual standard.

Please note that this proposed dress code policy has been condensed from three groups to two groups of students, K-6 and 7 – 12.

After the dress code changes were presented to the School Board during the May meeting, more changes were made to improve the policy.  Below you will find the draft dress code policy that was the result of that meeting.

Please review this draft policy.  Your ideas are always welcomed. If you have comments or suggestions please make them in writing either through email to Mr. Goss at  or by submitting them to the office.  After considering comments and suggestions, this draft policy will be finalized during the June board meeting.