New Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

Dear Parents, 

As you have probably noticed construction has been taking place on North College Road that will extend the road to First Federal Park and connect to the road on the other side.  In other words it will become a through road and no longer a dead end. 

As a result of this we have been working with the city to come up with new pick-up and drop-off procedures that will eliminate the build up of standing traffic on North College Road, especially during after school pick-up time.  We will implement the new procedure through the end of the school year and will then evaluate it for any changes over the summer.  

The new traffic plan and procedures will start on Monday, April 29th during morning drop off. 

  1. Traffic for drop-off and pick-up will be reversed.  There will be no northbound traffic allowed on the lane currently being used on the west side of the school.
  2. All drop-off and pick-up traffic will enter through the main entrance to the parking lot and will travel behind the school in the opposite direction that we currently are using.
  3. There will be two lanes available on the North side of the school and we will need to have cars line up two-wide as traffic backs up in order to prevent back-up onto North College Rd.
  4. The two lanes will narrow to one lane near the new drop-off and pick-up zone.  A staff member will be stationed near this point to help alternate cars entering the load zone from the two lanes.
  5. We encourage all students to exit or enter vehicles from the drivers side rear door when possible.  We know that in a two door car and single cab pick up this is not possible as well as in vehicles that may have multiple students.
  6. Please be extremely aware of the vehicles in front of and behind you in the load zone.  If student’s are unable to exit from the driver’s side they will have to walk between vehicles to get to the sidewalk.
  7. After vehicles have dropped off or picked up students they will travel south to North College Road and exit school property at the new intersection.  All vehicles will have to make a left turn until the road is completed or unless you are traveling to the park.
  8. We will station staff with traffic signs at our parking lot entrance and where the drop-off and pick-up traffic will re-enter North College Road, please be aware and follow their direction.
  9. We will have multiple staff members throughout the new route to assist drivers as we get used to the new procedure.  Please follow their instruction.

We are aware that this procedure is vastly different and are aware that there will be some difficulties as we transition.  Cooperation and time management are key, please be patient as we work to make this a success.  As always we place student safety as a top priority and want to ensure that all students can be dropped off in the morning and picked up after school in a safe manner. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

New drop-off/pick-up procedure
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