Serving on the Board of Directors

Qualifications (per Policy 1220)

  • A candidate will have a clear understanding of the basic tenants of a classical education and fully embrace those ideals. To help with this each candidate shall read at least two of the readings outlined in Police 1220.
  • A candidate shall show a working knowledge of Board procedure and board policies. Attendance at a minimum of two boarding meetings in the election year are required.
  • A candidate shall have read the XCS bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, XCS Charter, and Chapter 33 (Education) of the Idaho Statutes.
  • A candidate shall demonstrate commitment to Xavier as evidence by at least 10 documented volunteer hours in the election year. If the candidate is not a stakeholder, the documented volunteer hours may be performed in another venue.

Basic XCS Board Responsibilities:

  • Mission and Vision: The Board is responsible to align the Charter mission and vision with all decisions, goals, and activities the Board supports and approves
  • Select the Head of Schools
  • Support and evaluate the Head of Schools
  • Ensure effective planning: actively engage in the planning process, assist in implementing the goals, and monitor the outcomes
  • Monitor and strengthen programs and services that improve student outcomes
  • Act as the final arbiter for student and staff grievances
  • Adopt policies that give XCS direction to set priorities and achieve its goals
  • Protect assets and provide proper financial oversight
  • Build a competent Board: provide training for new members and evaluate their own performance
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity: The Board is ultimately responsible for XCS adherence to legal standards. The Board is also responsible to the Public Charter School Commission for the performance of XCS.
  • Enhance XCS public standing: The Board should clearly articulate our mission/vision, accomplishments and goals to the public and garner support in the community

Adapted from Richard T. Ingram – “Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards” 2015

Time Commitment

  • Monthly Board meetings, generally 6 pm to 9:30 pm. Board meetings are currently held on the 3rd Thursday of the month.
  • Special Board meetings when necessary.
  • Continuous Improvement planning meetings in September and February each year. Generally these meetings run 6‐9 pm.
  • Board Retreat – July each year. This meeting usually runs 5‐6 hours and is a time to reflect on the previous year accomplishments, self‐evaluation of the Board, and to set future goals.
  • Meet with the Head of Schools do to his/her evaluation – this may be a separate meeting from a regular Board meeting.
  • Perform various duties related to the office held on the Board (i.e. the Treasurer comes to the school 2‐3 times per month to review checks and bank statements)
  • All Board members are encouraged to be on campus to visit classrooms, meet with faculty/staff, and be available to stakeholders at least 1‐2 times/month.


For elected Board positions, the election cycle begins in February of each year. An application indicating interest in running for a Board position is available from February 15 to March 31 from the Board Clerk in the school office. A “meet the candidate” forum is generally held in April or May prior to the election for stakeholders, faculty, and staff to have an opportunity to get to know the candidates. Elections are held the week of Spring Showcase and the successful candidate will take their position at the annual meeting in June of that year.